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Christ Consciousness 'The Teacher'

$333.33 CAD

I am honoured and excited to announce my first Masterclass, being led by Master Jesus as we step into our roles as 'The Teacher'. 

This is a gift to those of you who have been working on your healing and your shadows the past few years. Congratulations! It's time for the student to become the teacher. 

This is a 7 week masterclass where I will be led to discuss 7 keys of Christ Consciousness via Zoom video on Sundays. (date to be confirmed shortly)

There is only 4 spots available. 

Each class is 45-60 minutes long.

I will be teaching and channeling as you learn, write and ask questions.

This is an interactive masterclass where 4 beautiful souls step into Higher Consciousness to prepare for Mission.

My loves, this is my honour and I am offering this gift at a very low rate because it was the number I heard. Jesus died at age 33. Master number 33, and the Divine Mother (female face of Christ) is 3. 

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