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Golden Shadow

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Most of us are familiar with the archetype of the Dark Shadow: the repressed dark side hidden within us. But we’re probably not familiar with the archetype of the Golden Shadow: the repressed gold hidden within our darkness.

The golden shadow symbolizes withheld courage, hidden talents, repressed passion and stifled creativity. It’s the unfulfilled potential that people fail to see or develop because of fear and a lack of risk-taking.

Making the darkness conscious

A 6 week one on one program specializing in your manifestations, your inspirations and your dreams. 

We will be mining for gold in your shadows as we liberate the unconscious in sacred strategy for your rebirth.

The time is NOW and we are in the most transformational time in the last decade. Are you ready for your Phoenix moment?

“Heroes are meant to be forged golden from the blaze.” ~ Nikita Gill

The good (and bad) thing about the Unconscious is that it works behind the scenes despite consciousness. If we’re lucky enough to have a life experience that triggers our unconscious into giving us the much-needed courage to make the darkness conscious, in the first place, we’ll be able to bolster our courage through the discovery of our shadow’s gold, in the second place.

In the end, having made the darkness conscious, having been forged by the fire, having resurrected into a mighty Phoenix, we will have excavated sacred gold from the shadows and unveiled our deepest passions, hidden talents, fierce wildness, and innate creativity.

From these sacred artifacts, we can continue the reconciliation of the shadow and the cultivation of our authenticity.

With our mighty shadow by our side, as ally rather than enemy, as wholeness rather than dissociation, as diamond rather than demon, a cloak of antifragility dons our character and the path of self-overcoming and enlightenment widens before us.

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