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The Final Purge: Shadow Work

It is time for the LIGHT!

This is the time for the true LIGHTWORKERS to create their soul aligned businesses and shine brighter than previous years. Reading the charts, this is the last opportunity for you do invest in the shadow work most have been running away from. A warning has come in.... and it is loud.

As a Shadow Worker; I have worked in the cave of the Subconscious, Underworldly Realms and Butterfly Effect. IT IS TIME FOR YOUR SHADOW TO BE GOLDEN!

Per the request of many, this is MY FINAL OFFERING.

6 WEEKS in the Temple of Healing with the Goddess. 


Michelle applies the ancient tradition of offering teachings that accord with whatever level of psycho-spiritual development a seeker has reached. A few people are ready for direct insight into the ultimate nature of the Real, and do not have any need for techniques or preliminary ego purification. Others require working through various limited frames of reference before they are able to realize pure awareness without boundaries. Still others require deeper processing to heal from the effects of past trauma and adverse conditionings, decisions in favor of dysfunction, and the acquisition of mind parasites.


Whatever level you are at when you arrive, you will quickly learn how to access the luminosity and latent powers of your innermost Essence.


Michelle's approach offers many tools for overcoming inner conflicts, depression and anxiety, and psychosomatic symptoms, while developing your capacity for divine love, clear thinking, and empowered will. You will become liberated, first from ego, then from all limiting paradigms, and then into the timeless rapture of the Supreme Real.


Contact me before booking this program as I need to feel your energy; unless we have already spoken or worked together. No refunds or payment plans available for this one. 


The number 23 is associated with change, progress, and innovation – all of which can be seen as positive things. If you are seeing this number frequently, it may be a sign that you should embrace these qualities and make some positive changes in your life. Finally, take action!

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