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Personal 1 on 1 - Activation Session

$444.44 CAD

An empowering, transformative, and activating 1 hour personal recorded video session with Michelle. To guide, support, and activate you in the best way for you, possible. This session is a 1 on 1 personal experience for you, and can be anything you desire, whether you'd just like space held, a cosmic friend to connect with, psychic clarity, a meditation and quantum healing, an activation of your innate gifts and own superpowers,  and motivation energy.

Each session is unique and activating in its own way, yet always caters to your personal position, goals and divine purpose.

No topic is off limits, and Michelle specializes with the following:

  • Spiritual counseling and channeled guidance
  • Awakening your unique gifts and superpowers
  • Strengthening connection to the Higher Realms
  • Psychic Abilities & Intuition
  • Physical Embodiment & Health 
  • Quantum Healings & Activations
  • Oracle Card Readings
  • Past Life Regressions & Wisdom Encodings
  • Activating Goddess and God Consciousness
  • Ego Deaths and the “dark night of the soul”
  • Clearing mindset blocks/ old beliefs
  • Dissolving expired karmic contracts 
  • Awakening your Soul Purpose
  • Next steps and future alignments
  • And More
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