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Sacred Sexuality

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What is Sacred Union

Sacred Union is described as the pinnacle of what is known to be possible within a lovership. A man and a woman come together, their bodies open to channeling the Divine Mother and Divine Father while they are making love with one another.

The two lovers return to their original state of oneness with creation and, at the same time, facilitate the full ecstatic reunion of Divine Mother and Divine Father, God-Goddess. This union creates an ecstatic starburst in the bodies and beings of the lovers, birthing the fullness of their soul’s potential.

Sacred Union is one of the lost mystery teachings that is central to many ancient spiritual traditions. In Christianity, it is called Hieros Gamos, Yab-Yum in Tibetan Buddhism, Sacred Marriage in the Kabbalah, Tantra in Hinduism and Sexual Alchemy in the Egyptian mythology.

Each lineage has their own stories and mythology, and their own sacred couple that lived and taught the keys of this great mystery. They include Isis and Osiris, Jesus and Mary Magdalene, King Solomon and the Queen of Sheeba, Simon Magus and Helen and the mythic Parvati and Shiva – each lineage giving us keys to the embodiment of Sacred Union.

Sacred Inner Union

The first step towards embodying Sacred Union is to know this union of God-Goddess inside of our own bodies. I feel that we are being deeply called into embodying Inner Sacred Inner Union as sovereign beings so that we can embody Sacred Union with our beloved soul loves. This is an essential part of the preparation for us to come into wholeness, union and oneness with our beloved partner.

I see the highest possibility for relationships comes when both partners are mutually open to the Divine as their primary source of love. The very practice of Sacred Inner Union, not only ignites our higher potential but allows us to relate to one another in wholeness, with a full cup. When we relate from an overflowing cup, our love is boundless, infinite and eternal.

Too often we look to the other to fill our cup, or are drawn towards tantric practice or sexual relationships to fill the emptiness we feel with another’s love. In the practice of Sacred Union, we begin with the initiation of Sacred Inner Union, which is a process of reclaiming our sexual sovereignty and a retreat to wholeness.

The Path

Sacred Inner Union is the key to preparing for Sacred Union and healing what comes in the way of the deep surrender and TRUST that can occur in Sacred Union.

Sacred Union is also a path of alchemical transformation. Where we can work with the healing intelligence of the divine masculine and the divine feminine to heal, transform and transmute anything that is in the way of us deepening in love and opening to love and deeper connection and intimacy.

When the body is prepared and the template is activated in our body mind system, once we marry ourselves, we become whole. In our wholeness we can then magnetise our beloveds who we can practice sacred union, inside of a sacred relationship.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”.~Rumi

A Sacred Experience:

5 WEEK program -1:1 video sessions via Zoom

Each session is 1 hour

Individually designed through your soul print, desires and your consciousness 


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