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Soul Retrieval - Serpent of Light

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Feminine and Masculine Invitation: KUNDALINI RISING 

Deep Soul Healing with the Goddess using the Serpent of Light (Kundalini) energy to activate your gifts. 

Healing Goddess, now offers you spiritual
restoration and deep Soul healing through the
art of Soul retrieval, reclaiming pieces of you lost
through trauma old and new.

Soon you will enjoy greater wellness, energy
and power, as well as the opening of gifts and Soul abilities
you didn't know you had!

Did you know that pieces of you can be trapped in the
past, in traumatic experiences and in relationships, even those
long since gone,
because part of your power remains with another?

This can happen because of permission subconsciously
given for them to hold
a piece of your spirit. Then the time comes for such
permissions to be revoked, and the pieces of self to be reclaimed and
restored to the Soul.

Master Healer

Restoration and Wholeness. Calling in unconditional love
and your ancient gifts.

Start date: 12:21:2022

7WK Masterclass with 7 seats available 

Royal Activations as the Serpent of Light activates each Chakra. Goddess Gateway codes are our Purest Sovereign Divinity and our Highest aspect of self.

I look forward to hosting you!

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