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The Divine Masculine with Nick

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Following up from the Twin Flame Masterclass, my brother Nick and I are inviting you to a powerful 90 minutes with the truth of THE DIVINE MASCULINE. 

Nick is fully on his MISSION. He is in UNION with his Partner, a father and an amazing LIGHT to this world. He holds many medicines for both masculine and feminine polarities. 

It is my honour to host this class with him.

The embodied Masculine is rare on this planet; but this is the year that a lot is being called into their heart centre and truth.

If you a man or woman walking this earth; this masterclass will enlighten you to the truth of the DIVINE MASCULINE. 

Return of the divine masculine archetype.

The divine feminine template was not the only template that suffered suppression + persecution, under the guise of the new world, patriarchy + European Christianity..The divine masculine also suffered his own persecution + eventually eradication..

Now, he returns, as the divine feminine, to claim his rightful place in rising the earth's collective vibrations.. But his journey is oh so difficult..Why? In his demise a new form of masculinity was born. To be a man meant to be brutal, powerful at the suppression of emotional, callous, concerned with physicality alone + overpowering..This is exactly what the divine masculine cannot be. 

For he, is blessed with divine counterpart, with a divine touch from the divine feminine. Perhaps he is a Scorpio, a Pisces, a cancer, a life path toward 11, 6, 22, 9.. He is a sensitive + old soul..And his society does not understand him. So for as long as he could, he had to pretend to blend in w/ the best of them..But, when he comes face to face with his divine feminine counterpart, his awakening seizes him by the throat + from then, his shamanistic drum will beat, deep, loud into the night...

He may become disgusted, deeply burdened by the treatment of women in general. When he thinks of a woman in pain, he thinks of his mother, whom he adores, he thinks of his twin flame, for when she hurts, her heart plays a song of sorrow, and it fills his ears, from now, till tomorrow..



Sunday, June 4th at 11AM MT 1PM EST 


Bring questions as I will hold sacred time for answers towards the end of the class. 


This class will be recorded and emailed to you post live. 


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