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The Healing Temple™

$3333.33 CAD

The 4-month Goddess Chamber is a sacred transformational journey to your next-level success and ascension. 


In Dolores Cannon teachings, she mentions a place in the afterlife called; The Temple of Healing where souls are lined up to receive their Spiritual Cleanse, therefore their soul can move towards their next destination. This is very true to any Spiritual teaching I have learned as well. To ascend to your next destination, your soul must be cleansed so your Darkness can be transmuted into Light. 

Welcome to The Healing Temple, where we go deep into the Chambers of your Darkness to find your Light. 

This is a 4 month program for those who have heard the call into their ascension and are ready to do the work. The Healing Temple™ is Michelle's signature program for using metaphysics to empower thy soul, remembrance & wealth.

It is my honour to hold you, see you and reflect your truth beloveds. Welcome to your REMEMBRANCE. 

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