Divines Purpose

‘Respect the illusion. Honour your journey: and stand in your truth’. 


Ancient spirituality still exists today, and to those understanding that we are spiritual beings living a human experience is apart of the GREAT AWAKENING. 

Goddess is a consciousness.

I’m Michelle at Divines Purpose. I am a Teacher of Christ Consciousness, intuitive healer and a Sacred Feminine Goddess. 

I work intuitively one on one with my clients to the depths of ones shadows. This simply means, I shine a light on pain, wounds, fears and so on. There are so many health issues on the rise: mental health is one of them. In my humble opinion I believe the root to majority of our issues starts with Spiritual Health. 

Goddess Initiation Masterclass
Goddess is a consciousness. A nine week masterclass focusing on nine Goddesses that are going to initiate you into your Goddess powers. Are you ready to awake
Christ Consciousness Masterclass
Higher consciousness is the consciousness of a god or "the part of the human mind that is capable of transcending animal instincts"
Sacred Sexuality Masterclass
Sacred sexuality then is ultimately a spiritual practice. It is a path where the practitioner uses sex and intimacy as a way to transcend the ordinary.
The Lighthouse Masterclass
Divine Purpose – a deep inner need to create something specific in your life. It goes by many other names (True Calling, Life Purpose etc.)
The Butterfly Effect
Shadow Work. This program is life changing. You will need to be ready for change, commitment and to step into your Divine's Purpose here in this life.
Healing Session
Shadow WorkAn one on one healing session via video chat using energy healing tools, past life regression and shadow clearing.
Goddess Energy Reading
1 on 1 video session where we explore your Goddess Energy, and how to use your gifts for mission.
Personal Reading
Connect with me via Zoom audio for your Personal Reading. Two options available.

As a Teacher, I understand that duality is a gift to life because without the sun, there will be no moon. Unfortunately, we never were taught this as a child. 

Shadow Work is a lot like revealing all the aspects of self that has been hidden, pushed away, denied, controlled or forgotten. We forgot who we were, lost in the matrix, lost in the wounded toxic ego, barely living; but now we know we have work to do.

Shadow work is the key to healing and ascension. For so long there was the motion of ‘Light and Love’. Absolutely, but where is ‘Dark and Fear’. The real reality that we face on a day to day basis as we look into the Divine mirror. 

I invite you to look into your reflection and ask yourself ‘what aspects of my journey have I not shed a light on?’. 

Shadow work is just that. Shining a light on the darkness. This can be extremely uncomfortable for most starting their healing journey because you will have to take full accountability and responsibility for what is displayed upon you. A lot of my clients have been through hell and back, inner child abuse, to rape victims and to narcissistic behaviour. The list can go on and on. The key is to accept that we all carry a dark energy that is screaming to be balanced with light, and then one receives more courage to face their dark mirror. 


Michelle appeared as a teacher for me about a year ago, in the most timely of ways. I’ve worked with her via a healing session, in a group masterclass as well as being a member of the Divine Feminine Club. I am always touched by her commitment to her community and gain so much from her shares. I’m forever grateful to this woman who I know has taught me for lifetimes. She’s helped guide me through some of the most painful processes of my life that very few others understand, emerging as a sovereign, powerful Goddess. Eternally grateful. 

If you’re drawn to her, work with her. She’s got medicine for you.

Michelle your sessions are spot on, you are for sure working on your calling. It shows on your YouTube and Instagram. Since my personal session with you, I feel I have connected with so many people in the collective, but it really all started with you. You are entertaining, knowledgeable, kind and loveable.

I've had tons and tons of readings over the years, but have never met someone who knows their shit like you. To honour the light you must embrace the dark. 

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