To revoke is to renounce, retract, annul and erase. What are we erasing? The contracts that have bound us into bondage. What are we renouncing? The idea that we were ever anything less than divine. And what are we revoking? The fear that has kept us in place for far too long.

These Soul Contract Revocations are a way to use the power of your voice to break free from the energetic chains of the past, present and future that have been knowingly and unknowingly created. They are tools to remember and reclaim your sovereignty as a free willed being of the Universe with full power and full autonomy, which then releases the hold that the Matrix has on your thinking and allows you to be a conscious multi­dimensional being.

You are challenged to say them every day as a declaration of your freedom. Freedom from your own self­ imposed limitations, freedom from the very ideas that once held you in the comfort and illusion of safety, and freedom to become the greatest version of your highest ideal. Challenge yourself to reveal this highest ideal within you and live it with full passion and expression. This is a step in being your own Savior, your own Hero and your own Source of wisdom. Will you give yourself this gift?

Challenge yourself to freedom!

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Betrayal Revocation

I, in this ever present moment of the now choose to form a multilayered spiritual court of alchemical equity for the expressed purpose of doing my inner work with those who have betrayed my trust, my compassion and my love.

It is my duty to my inner journey to expose and expunge those persons who have created moments in time in which doubt created harm. I expose them to my inner light so they can have no power in the seen or unseen avenues of my life walk.

As a conscious being of choice, I choose to disavow, disconnect and remove those that stunt my growth, steal my life force or pervert my words and intentions for their own agenda of not owning their space and their energy. Those that project and demand I accept their projections as my inner truth.

I say unto you the following.

In the past humankind was limited by perversion of truth. I end your perversion of truth as actionable wisdom in my life walk.

I end your capacity to hold any strength or position of strength in my reality, for if I do then I will not be responsible for my own level of awareness. I in my own consciousness will not allow your perversions, inversion and conversion of truth be projected and imprinted into my reality.

Today is a day of renewed beginnings of introspective life path walk. I have seen so much action, change in actions that promote actions and all other forms of interaction creation actions of calculations of endurance. By those that betray me in the now then and will be.

Now I let go of that eternal struggle of calculation based awareness and enter the boundless lands of self compassion.

The boundless lands of freedom to dream the great dream of peace.

The entrance to the boundless lands of the internal self are guarded by our secrets that keep us manifested as secret keepers and not peacemakers.

There are forms of secrets that hold illusionary power for the secret is not that important of a teaching of whatever it is.

There are other secrets that are held within the power of understanding the people and how they react to secrets of immense power.

Today is a unique day or personal revelation of truth. My vital life force has completed a sojourn into the everafter and back to the here and now.

I now take the time to process and understand my journey to the stars and beyond. Each and every aspect of my journey is encoded in my light body of experience.

My capacity to chronicle my experience is unparalleled in any other parts of myself. All external stimulus is not separated from my experience so I may know it without the entanglements of others sublty demanding me to elevate their experience over mine. These hierarchical personalities seen and unseen must now go through their own journey and chronicle and process their own parts.

I can longer support the fraud imposition anymore. It is my choice to connect to my infinite soul as me _______ of now. Not the then or will be.

I am a being of equal co-creation non competition non heriacal order. What does that mean to the _________ of the now processing all the competition with hierarchy imposed by others into my field. It was my compassion and healing skills combined with my desire to have love that lead me through this experience I recall now.

Those who were part of that experience I forgive you for you knew no better, I forgive you for not doing your inner work. I forgive you for your forced evolutionary aspects on our journey I forgive you for all the lies, deceit and betrayal for you knew no better.

I forgive myself for not standing up earlier in the experience. I forgive myself for loving with my heart and not seeing another truth beyond the colors of my love. I forgive myself for entangling my work life and home life with all those unable to process me and the trials and tribulations I was going through as a person on the journey like all of you.

Today is the day I recall all aspects of myself still trying to support those on their journey who can not support me, I recall all soul parts, shards, avatars, guides guardians and light bodies still aiding those on the path who do harm to me with their actions seen, unseen, ignorant or aware.

I break all contracts, vows and agreements with all people on the journey who have corrosive charge and polarity towards me. I release all corrosive charge and polarity I have stored for later experiences, for I wish to not have any more experiences with those who wish me harm or hardship.

I can not support the fraud imposition between us in any way shape or form.

I reject your lies and spiritual propaganda.

I reject you and all the false wisdom you stand for.

I reject you and your unhealed wounds you project onto others so you may never have to face your own inner demons.

I return to you all your projections on me that cause harm. Cause strife or put me in a position to take on your responsibilities , you must stand on your own two feet without me , my love or my support. For I have learned you will only consume those around you.

For that’s all you know.

- Andrew Bartzis

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