Divines Purpose

‘Respect the illusion. Honour your journey: and stand in your Truth’. 

The Return of the Goddess

Aligning with purpose

I believe that sacred purpose encompasses everything that we are - the way we act and interact, how we use our total life-force energy, with the awareness that we are vehicles for the Divine. Sacred purpose in not only our active contribution to society or what we do for a living. We can be doing any job, yet if we do it from inner truth and gratitude, it will serve the universe highly. As a spiritual teacher, I know there are no small roles.

I also acknowledge that as women who are called by the Divine Feminine to awaken for a specific global-healing function, we need to listen to the intuitive nudges when they come. We need to notice when our energy is out of alignment with a particular environment, or job, or relationship. We are highly sensitive people, and that sensitivity plays a vital role in our lives. 

Michelle is a Teacher, Ancient Initiate and Mystical Priestess.


Michelle applies the ancient tradition of offering teachings that accord with whatever level of psycho-spiritual development a seeker has reached. A few people are ready for direct insight into the ultimate nature of the Real, and do not have any need for techniques or preliminary ego purification. Others require working through various limited frames of reference before they are able to realize pure awareness without boundaries. Still others require deeper processing to heal from the effects of past trauma and adverse conditionings, decisions in favor of dysfunction, and the acquisition of mind parasites.


Whatever level you are at when you arrive, you will quickly learn how to access the luminosity and latent powers of your innermost Essence.


Michelle's approach offers many tools for overcoming inner conflicts, depression and anxiety, and psychosomatic symptoms, while developing your capacity for divine love, clear thinking, and empowered will. You will become liberated, first from ego, then from all limiting paradigms, and then into the timeless rapture of the Supreme Real.


You are a powerful Soul and you are evolving. 

Your thoughts, feelings and inner world is changing, and so too is your outer world. When a Soul is growing in power and strength, it can benefit from guidance to help make the path into a new way of being in the world that much easier. It is like a wise friend with more life experience helping you navigate through the pitfalls and reach the peaks with more grace.

As Goddess, you hear the calling to embody your Divine Power through my reflection. I am here to offer my wisdom and guidance to you to assist you at this time of spiritual growth and transition. I love you, and I want you to shine and be your radiant self, filled with power and wisdom. I've learned of the healing power of love and not to allow those that are negative, jealous or fearful to destroy what is precious to me. My spiritual lessons brought wisdom and power which I share with you now, that you too may grow and be your radiant self in the world.

I am truly honoured to be here on this earth with you at this exact moment in time. I am here to be a bridge for humanity to divinity consciousness as the great awakening is upon us. 

Thank you for being here and being led to my work. I am honoured to reflect you, activate you and guide you.

Love, Michelle

Look upon a woman as a Goddess, 
Whose special energy she is 
And honour her in that state
Uttara Tantra
All the pilgrimage centres exist in a woman's body.


When we enter the temple of a Goddess, we will forever be changed. For she is the Mother, the Supreme activator, and the Light.;

l just finished up my 6 weeks of Venus Codes with Goddess Michelle and I can't praise the mentorship I received enough. I came to her feeling like I was lost.. lost in who I was, what my Purpose truly was, and looping. Within a week of being in her presence, I was getting my messages back from Source, starting a business, and remembering what I came here for. I've had so many more Sacred moments along the way, but I will keep those to my

While I believe we are our own healers, we need assistance sometimes. People to remind us of our own worthiness and to shine the light out of the Underworld so that we may see our way home. To receive Remembrance of our Holy sexuality and creativity. To play and invite joy into all realms of our life.

So... I had a rebirth! Mmmmm!!!!

How delicious! I am witnessing myself at levels I never have before and it is being reflected back at me in the most beautiful ways every single day. All the messages add up now. Ineeded to step into my role: of All that I AM. All that I will be

Enjoy the ride. It's going to be FUNNNNN!!

Michelle’s serpent of life masterclass was absolutely transformational! I experienced so many activations within all of my chakras & so much clearing within my chakras. I feel so much more in alignment with myself & my higher self. Thank you so much Michelle - so grateful for you & your unconditional love & light! 

When I decided to gift myself this 7 week course I wasn't sure what to expect. I've struggled with women in my life specifically Mother and Sister energies. Every class I walked in with gratitude for the Sister Goddesses for each Chakra but also for the Sisters in my class. I was unsure of how Divine Mother would show up and I was nervous. As the class progressed the next Goddess would show up a few days before and start connecting with me. I realized by the end that in some way shape or form by taking this class from Michelle that I was signing a Sacred Contract with each of them. I was signing a contract to heal not just for me, not just for my mother and sister, not just for my ancestors but the whole collective of Feminine. Since the class ended if something is taking place in a certain Chakra I call for the Goddess to help assist me in healing, resolving, forgiving and letting go. Most importantly I feel this from a space of Sacred Love. Michelle holds an incredible space of love and support, compassion and innocence. The laughter, the empowerment and fun she brings to this course is exactly what is needed. I realized this morning how honored I am to be so blessed to be surrounded by so many beautiful Sister Goddesses. Thank you Michelle for making this possible. 
Love Teresa 

To the beautiful Goddess Michelle, thank you with all my heart the space you held for me these past four months. What initially started as a Sacred Sexuality journey led me to the beautiful dance of inner union through The Healing Temple. Through the deep rooted wounds and ego deaths that were brought up in our sessions have shown light to how my life is a beautiful journey, not a sprint to the finish line. 

With your fierceness, sensuality and truth I have witnessed for the first time in my life what it is to be a Woman that speaks her truth with Honor, Love and Sexiness! I am so blessed to have experienced the many laughs, cries and beautiful moments we shared together This is just the beginning of our journey together as I know we will be working together forever and our legacy will show it!

With Much Love & Gratitude,


We human beings trust doctors, take medications they prescribe without questions.  What your healing did to me, I now wish that every human being was aware of the powers of your gifts and healings. 
See, we all need shadow work, soul healings, spiritual awakenings in order to faction fully in life. Just like we all need doctors and medications in our lifetime. Your gift and healing sessions took me back and brought me where I am now, healed my broken soul, thought me how to face my demons, how to practice awareness, how to look at myself with open eyes, how to appreciate and love myself.  How to find happiness and understand that I am enough. 
Your predictions were on point 100% and for that, I thank you profoundly.  May God bless you so that you can continue your life’s mission and may more people wake up and get help they need from you. Thank you.

I'm so grateful that I was able to participate in your 1st online course. I gained new wisdom and released what was. I was reconnected with movies that brought tears to my eyes, healed my heart and brought my voice forward through song. I look forward to the shifts that will take place over the next few months. My inner child and inner teenager thank you and I Thank you for sharing your Sacred practices with us.


Today was my last session with Michelle in the Golden Shadow 💫. My life has changed so much since I started working with her. I can even say in 48 hours things have changed for the best. I am truly in awe of everything that has happened. I am not the same women I was 6 weeks ago. I legit feel my body, my mind, my emotional state of being in a higher vibration. Our last session was the most powerful one. She worked on me energetically. I was high without taking anything. One thing I definitely felt was my throat chakra opening. It is fully opened, which has been something I have struggled with my whole life. I didn’t speak my truth; I’d shut down when I needed to speak up. Now, I just can’t be quiet. Haha. 

Michelle has been a life saver; she is so in her power that it exudes thru the screen. She is not here to coddle you, to let you stay stuck in your wounds. She breaks you open, until all those layers are peeled. She helps you see all the bs you have taken on that is not even yours. She's not just surface level, she goes deep in to your soul. I will forever be grateful that she came across my ig. 

Once I let go of people, things that no longer served me, I became the Goddess that is here to make the world serve me not the other way around. None of this would have happened if I didn’t take that leap of faith to work with her. If you feel called to work with Michelle don’t hesitate. DO IT! 

Michelle's ability to create an intimate, safe and, sacred space allowed me to explore and heal the DEEP depths of my own sexuality in a very multidimensional way!
She has a highly impactful method of presenting the information and healing that YOUR soul needs.
The activations and ancient practices she covers in this course helped me to address shadows, arrive at a much better understanding of my spiritual path and PROFOUNDLY strengthened my connection to God/ Goddess.
I am grateful beyond words for the way my heart has been in bloom and the wonderful ripple effect thats had on my entire being.

Michelle and her Sacred Sexuality course are truly gifts. If you're feeling drawn to the course don't hesitate to join; there is divine love and cosmic union waiting for you on the other side!

I've been following Michelle for almost a year now and was drawn towards her authenticity. It started with watching her videos, to booking a session, joining the divine feminine club and finally taking the leap & joining her Sacred sexuality masterclass What I learned from Michelle's Masterclass is something to experience. She created a sacred space for us to share ourselves unapologetically. I shared parts of myself that I was ashamed of and was accepted with loving arms. I learned to call in the right guides at the right time. I shed layers of shame and embraced my inner tantrica consciously. I learned to give myself permission to honour my truth, my magic, my holiness, freakiness and to never surrender my pleasure for someone else. I can't even fully put into words all that was activated within me. It is something to dive into head first, believe and experience. Michelle's teachings are ONE OF A KIND. Invest in yourself with this class, you won't regret it. Thank you!

I cannot even express how grateful I am for Michelle’s powerful yoni masterclass! Michelle is one of the most caring & nurturing spiritual mentors I have ever worked with. She executes her container with such ease, grace & pure magic. I gained so much knowledge, wisdom & healing. I honestly never realized how much healing I needed for my womb space & sacral chakra. Michelle gives you spiritual insight & different techniques on ways to heal your yoni. She allows you to express yourself freely in anything that comes up for you during her teaching & coaching. I am usually hesitant about asking questions when I am in containers, however with Michelle’s containers I feel so held & honoured in the questions I bring up. She gives you the space to talk about anything that is coming up for you. I cannot thank her enough for her unconditional love & support. If you are being called to work with her, listen to that call! It will absolutely change your life just as it has changed mine!

Michelle appeared as a teacher for me about a year ago, in the most timely of ways. I’ve worked with her via a healing session, in a group masterclass as well as being a member of the Divine Feminine Club. I am always touched by her commitment to her community and gain so much from her shares. I’m forever grateful to this woman who I know has taught me for lifetimes. She’s helped guide me through some of the most painful processes of my life that very few others understand, emerging as a sovereign, powerful Goddess. Eternally grateful. 

If you’re drawn to her, work with her. She’s got medicine for you.

Michelle your sessions are spot on, you are for sure working on your calling. It shows on your YouTube and Instagram. Since my personal session with you, I feel I have connected with so many people in the collective, but it really all started with you. You are entertaining, knowledgeable, kind and loveable.

I've had tons and tons of readings over the years, but have never met someone who knows their shit like you. To honour the light you must embrace the dark. 

This is something I need to share and shine light on…

Shadow work is very important to those who are just awakening.  Usually this happens when something really painful has happened in ones life.  At times, painful things happen because we aren’t aligned in our lives and something really big must happen to make the shift or open our eyes.  When I started my journey,  Michelle helped me face my deepest fears, my addictions, my internal mental battles.  It took some time for me to realize that I was my biggest enemy.  That I was holding myself back from the negative thoughts that were brainwashing me over and over again.   We are taught to believe that shadow, or darkness, demons, or evil is bad and scary and to avoid it at all costs.  Michelle holds a huge platform for all of us by not only taking on this type of energy, but holding our hands through it while we find our truest highest self.  Just remember, she is also human having the same human experience as us, but also taking on our energy to heal us while being in mission.  So before you judge her ability or feel that shadow work isn’t necessary…just remember….we can’t see the stars without our darkness!  And Michelle is here to guide us to those stars for us all to shine!  Thank you Michelle for taking this on and for being the hand that pushes us up so we can release, forgive and live with our shadows-in order for us to see the star within!  Love you always - Soul Sister!

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