Divines Purpose

Welcome to the Temple KUNTY!

The Return of the Goddess: Aligning with YOUR Divine Purpose

I believe that sacred purpose encompasses everything that we are - the way we act and interact, how we use our total life-force energy, with the awareness that we are vehicles for the Divine. Sacred purpose in not only our active contribution to society or what we do for a living. We can be doing any job, yet if we do it from inner truth and gratitude, it will serve the universe highly. As a spiritual presence, I know there are no small roles.

I also acknowledge that as women who are called by the Divine Feminine to awaken for a specific global-healing function, we need to listen to the intuitive nudges when they come. We need to notice when our energy is out of alignment with a particular environment, or job, or relationship. We are highly sensitive people, and that sensitivity plays a vital role in our lives. 

Goddess Michelle is a Presence, Ancient Initiate and Mystical Priestess.

The Stages of Prophecy


Michelle applies the ancient tradition of offering teachings that accord with whatever level of psycho-spiritual development a seeker has reached. A few people are ready for direct insight into the ultimate nature of the Real, and do not have any need for techniques or preliminary ego purification. Others require working through various limited frames of reference before they are able to realize pure awareness without boundaries. Still others require deeper processing to heal from the effects of past trauma and adverse conditionings, decisions in favor of dysfunction, and the acquisition of mind parasites.


Whatever level you are at when you arrive, you will quickly learn how to access the luminosity and latent powers of your innermost Essence.


Michelle's approach offers many tools for overcoming inner conflicts, depression and anxiety, and psychosomatic symptoms, while developing your capacity for divine love, clear thinking, and empowered will. You will become liberated, first from ego, then from all limiting paradigms, and then into the timeless rapture of the Supreme Real.


You are a powerful Soul and you are evolving. 

Your thoughts, feelings and inner world is changing, and so too is your outer world. When a Soul is growing in power and strength, it can benefit from guidance to help make the path into a new way of being in the world that much easier. It is like a wise friend with more life experience helping you navigate through the pitfalls and reach the peaks with more grace.

As Goddess, you hear the calling to embody your Divine Power through my reflection. I am here to offer my wisdom and guidance to you to assist you at this time of spiritual growth and transition. I love you, and I want you to shine and be your radiant self, filled with power and wisdom. I've learned of the healing power of love and not to allow those that are negative, jealous or fearful to destroy what is precious to me. My spiritual lessons brought wisdom and power which I share with you now, that you too may grow and be your radiant self in the world.

I am truly honoured to be here on this earth with you at this exact moment in time. I am here to be a bridge for humanity to divinity consciousness as the great awakening is upon us. 

Thank you for being here and being led to my work. I am honoured to reflect you, activate you and guide you.

Love, Goddess Michelle

Look upon a woman as a Goddess, 
Whose special energy she is 
And honour her in that state
Uttara Tantra
All the pilgrimage centres exist in a woman's body.

Extra Juice

Venus Codes

So... I had a rebirth! Mmmmm!!!!

How delicious! I am witnessing myself at levels I never have before and it is being reflected back at me in the most beautiful ways every single day. All the messages add up now. Indeed to step into my role: of All that I AM. All that I will be


Goddess Michelle’s masterclass was absolutely transformational! I experienced so many activations within all of my chakras & so much clearing within my chakras. I feel so much more in alignment with myself & my higher self.

Goddess Juice

The laughter, the empowerment and fun she brings to this course is exactly what is needed. I realized this morning how honored I am to be so blessed to be surrounded by so many beautiful Sister Goddesses. 


The activations and ancient practices she covers in this course helped me to address shadows, arrive at a much better understanding of my spiritual path and PROFOUNDLY strengthened my connection to God/ Goddess.

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