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Eternal Life Force Lagacy

$12000.00 CAD

This is your chance to WORK directly with me for 6 months! The most unique and sacred experience I have to offer, creating value in the energy we share together. 

All of the sessions will be based off of your individual needs, your unique gifts and your commitment to building your Legacy.

  • You will have a 1 hour video call per week (for 6 months) dedicated to your Souls Work. 
  • You will have the most intimate space to create and align.
  • You will have access to your Natal Chart, Akash and the Oracle herself.
  • You will be creating in the realms of Heaven each week that flows by.
  • You will create your Legacy through practical strategies
  • You will unlock your authentic gifts, purpose and unique medicine
  • You will have the ability to choose the amount of hours you want to work
  • You will be creating a New Paradigm for your business

Are you ready?

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