Divines Purpose

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Venus Codes

$555.55 CAD

The world needs your codes, your magick, your power, your pleasure, your voice, your vision, your words, your art, your love, your wisdom.... your flavour!

REMASTERED into a 90 minute ACTIVATION and Chart Reading

Working within the heart; WE call in the DIVINE FEMININE energy with Goddess Aphrodite and Venus to unlock your Feminine Mysteries. 

  • Money
  • Pleasure
  • Beauty
  • Love
  • Passion
  • Lover
  • Leader
  • Boss

We work directly with your individual Venus and Aphrodite energy; your natal chart and the houses to create the alignment of your SOUL'S PURPOSE.


Open your inner Shakti, and flow with the Goddess of LOVE! Let's magnetize your hearts deepest desires!

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