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Michelle is a Teacher, Ancient Initiate and Mystical Priestess.

Michelle is here to help you activate and awaken your true power, potential, and purpose; so you can be who you truly are, and do what you came to earth to do!

Eternal Life Force Legacy!

1:1 Activation Session

An empowering, transformative, and activating 1.5 hour personal video session with Michelle. To guide, support, and activate you in the best way for you, possible. 

This session is a 1 on 1 personal experience for you, and can be anything you desire, whether you'd just like space held, for Divine Mother connection, psychic clarity, a meditation and quantum healing, an activation of your innate gifts and own superpowers,  and motivation energy.

Each session is unique and activating in its own way, yet always caters to your personal position, goals and divine purpose.


Sacred Sexuality

A Sacred Experience as Ancient practices are revealed for ascension into Heaven. 

The first step towards embodying Sacred Union is to know this union of God-Goddess inside of our own bodies. I feel that we are being deeply called into embodying Inner Sacred Inner Union as sovereign beings so that we can embody Sacred Union with our beloved soul loves. This is an essential part of the preparation for us to come into wholeness, union and oneness with our beloved partner.


Golden Shadow

Most of us are familiar with the archetype of the Dark Shadow: the repressed dark side hidden within us. But we’re probably not familiar with the archetype of the Golden Shadow: the repressed gold hidden within our darkness.

The golden shadow symbolizes withheld courage, hidden talents, repressed passion and stifled creativity. It’s the unfulfilled potential that people fail to see or develop because of fear and a lack of risk-taking.

Completing in March 2023 


Payment Plans are available: Energy Exchange is Consciousness - contact me and we will discuss. 

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